Meanwhile, Back in Moab….

BroJoe is fascinated by Utah.  He’s been several times now and has posted some lovely photos of the area on Facebook.  In fact, that is how I found out he was IN Utah this time.   It’s easy to see why the area is called The Red Desert.

He seems especially captivated by the petroglyphs and pictographs found all around the Moab area and has sent me a number of photographs of the centuries-old drawings.   As he is a man of few words, I am thrilled to hear from him, even via prehistoric rock art.

I have studied the images carefully and the message I am receiving is, “Look, Sis!  No squirrels!”

Moab Art Indian 2 Indian 5

Moab Art 1 Indian 3 Indian 4

The Pier

Jennette’s Pier,  on the Outer Banks at Nags Head,  has a surprisingly interesting history.   It’s now part of  the North Carolina Aquariums division of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources.   A couple of webcams show the weather activity there.  (Check them out on a stormy day. Yikes!)

Besides the marine activity, it’s also a site for other events, including weddings  That third floor offers a striking reception area.  BroJoe’s photos of the place at dawn are pretty enough to make me wonder if anyone has ever had a sunrise wedding there.

Image Image 1


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