A Fine Pickle of a Sunset!

BroJoe has been in Mount Olive recently, a small town in the coastal plains of eastern North Carolina.   If the name sounds familiar, you may know the pickles.   They’re  the bread and butter of the area.  (Sorry, it invites bad puns!)  

I have not driven through there in years, but I remember smelling the vinegar brine on trips to see relatives.  The pickle company, in case you visit, is located at the corner of Cucumber and Vine.   Sweet!

Not having spent New Year’s Eve there–and not about to make plans to do so–I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this report in Wikipedia:

On New Year’s Eve, the Mount Olive pickle company celebrates in unusual fashion by dropping a three-foot pickle down a flagpole into a pickle tank. However, instead of midnight local time, the drop takes place at 7 p.m.  The event first took place on New Year’s Eve 1999.]

Sound like a dilly of a time, doesn’t it?!   An experience to relish!  (Stop me before I pun again!) 
I wonder if Peter Piper lives there.  
Their pickles are good.  Try them.  Their sunsets are nice, also:



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