A February Sunset in Manteo, NC

If you visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina don’t, in your haste to get to the seashore,  overlook Roanoke Island and the little town of Manteo.

It is an area steeped with the early history of our nation…. where they still celebrate the birthday of  Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America.  On summer evenings, the country’s longest running outdoor pageant reenacts the failed attempt  of Sir Walter Raleigh in 1585 to establish the first permanent English colony in the new world.   The fate of those early settlers remains a mystery and they are known in history books as The Lost Colony.

Neither time, tourism, nor hurricanes have destroyed the charm, history, and hospitality of the town of Manteo.  There are excellent restaurants,  delightful inns, replicas of early sailing ships, Elizabethan gardens, and a wonderful local bookstore with comfortable sitting niches and a cat named Book.   

Although the actor Andy Griffith was born in Mount Airy (325 miles away) he came to Roanoke Island during his college years in Chapel Hill at UNC and began his acting career during the summer as a soldier in The Lost Colony pageant.   He liked the area enough to maintain a home in Manteo during his acting career and he and his wife now reside in a 70-acre compound there full time.

BroJoe travels to Manteo often.  He had his camera along last week and captured these photos of the setting sun.


2 thoughts on “A February Sunset in Manteo, NC

  1. Everyone should see the Lost Colony, especially children. Makes one think, sitting there on a coolish summer evening when it is quiet and dark all about what it was really like to be in this new land waiting for a ship to come back.

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