Up A Tree

BroJoe knows that the squirrels declared war on me years ago.  They have eaten my strawberries, tomatoes,  peaches, and figs.  They leave nothing.  

I call ’em The Damnsquirrels.  Not lovingly.

They are unfazed by the squirrel baffler.  They steal apples from the neighbor’s tree, but eat them in our yard so that they can drop the cores for me… sometimes AT me.

Cocky little tree rats.

Last week I rolled the garbage can out to the curb and walked back to the garage just in time to see  a squirrel sauntering out,  of the garage, picking purloined bird seed from between his teeth.

Natural behavior, you think?  How about the fact that they invaded our attic and ate the noses off my Carolers?  Yes, just the noses.

Sadistic little bastards.

My brother knows all of this, so I’m unsure of whether he sent these pictures to torture me or to for me put on this blog.  Perhaps both.

Pretty squirrely behavior on his part, if you ask me.

(These are also posted on Merrilymarylee.  If they’re giving you  a hankering for squirrel stew, say the word and I’ll introduce you to the well-fed bunch in our back yard.)


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