Deep In the Forest






4 thoughts on “Deep In the Forest

  1. Hi Marylee!

    I love your brother Joe’s photography! He takes the most beautiful sunrise photos that I’ve ever seen. I just scrolled back to last September to enjoy the photos i may have missed.

    I’m not sure if I thanked you adequately for the beautiful photos you sent to me at Christmas that I won in your blog give away. When my Mother passed away in early January my whole world came crashing down for quite awhile, and then I had to pull myself up for my daughter’s wedding in May. I was on a virtual roller coaster of emotions. I love Joe’s photos and have them all framed and they hang in my bedroom where I see them every morning.

    My son and DIL and two grandsons vacation int he OBX last week. the weather has half and half but they had a wonderful time. My DIL’s parents rented a house and their other daughter and son-in-law were also there. the OBX was a fairly vacation spot for many years when they lived in Virginia.

    Hope all is well in your world, and that you will have a good summer!



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