Battleship USS North Carolina

According to battleship history,  at the time of her commissioning on April 9, 1941, the USS North Carolina was considered the world’s greatest sea weapon.


She participated in every major battle in the Pacific Theatre and logged over 300,000 miles during World War II. Although the battleship had numerous close calls and one direct torpedo hit, she was able to continue.  Only ten members of her crew were killed in action and 67 wounded during that time.

She was decommissioned in late June, 1947.   After an announcement that she was to be scrapped, the citizens of NC campaigned to bring her here.  She has been docked in her current moorings on the Cape Fear River near downtown Wilmington since 1961.

Open daily for tours, the battleship has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina.  It allows visitors to step back in time and see places like the dentistry, the surgery, kitchen, sleeping quarters, equipment, etc. via the same narrow, winding metal stairs used by her young crew every day.





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