Nags Head Woods

Ever hear of this place?

On the west side of this barrier island where most folks head for the sunny beaches is a surprising area called Nags Head Woods.  Bounded on the east by the sand dunes, this area is a protected ecological treasure of over 1,400 acres owned and operated by the Nature Conservancy.  It is under both local and national protection.   Deciduous trees, migratory birds, freshwater ponds, and marine life offer some explanation as to how a thriving community was once able to exist there in the 1800’s.  Gravesites, home foundations. . . bits of history can still be seen.




Beautiful shots!  Now let’s see some of those large, ancient trees in the woods.

BroJoe?  BroJoe?

12289570_10205578910893990_4885058895160750124_nLooks like there are no more pictures forthcoming today.

He does seem to be well-balanced though.  Mother would be pleased.


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