Will Hike for Petroglyphs!

Between Christmas and New Year’s, BroJoe headed to Indiana to check on the Indianapolis contingent of the family.  Going from Nags Head to Anyplace USA is quite a haul.  This one was, according to Google, about a 12 1/2 hour drive.

If one stops at Tamarack, a showplace of thousands of one-of-a-kind handcrafted items made by West Virginians, the extra hours added to the journey are well worth it.   Just as the state claims, it truly is  The Best of West Virginia.

Also, since BroJoe’s previous trips to Utah sparked an interest in petroglyphs, when he drove into southern Ohio and saw a directional sign to the Leo Petroglyphs,  he made a U-turn and began his search by hiking what is said to be one of the most beautiful trails in Ohio

Hard to disagree with a scene like this.  

The petroglyphs in this area are believed to have been made by the Fort Ancient Culture, who lived in the area from about 1000AD to 1650AD.   They’re so much more than simply drawings and they are fascinating in their detail.

Here are two that BroJoe photographed:



Had not the Ohio Historical Society authenticated these, I’d be wondering whether it was the Pope or the Pillsbury Doughboy who’d passed through the area.





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