My  brother Joe is a responsible citizen… job, home, family, dog.  His passion is The Outer Banks.  When he’s near the ocean, he becomes part Peter Pan, part Robinson Crusoe.   When he isn’t, he’d rather be.

BroJoe lives at Nags Head, North Carolina.  He’s up before dawn on most days to head for the beach watch the sunrise.  Some of his sunrise photos have been used on my blog and others, as well as a CD album.   It’s time to showcase them on their own.

He doesn’t consider himself a photographer.  His camera is a used Lumix he bought on eBay.  His telescopic lens?  A rifle scope.  His preferred method of transporation is his bicycle–with a cup holder, of course.

The photos he takes often include critters, but rarely of the human kind.  Put him in a nature preserve with his snake boots and some bug spray and he’s guaranteed to find something special to share, taking us closer than we’d dare go on our own.

Did I mention that he was our mother’s favorite?


One thought on “About

  1. I love Joe! Joe, I love your photos, your take on life, and I think you are just about the luckiest man alive! Keep taking the pics and I’ll keep enjoying them just as long as the good Lord lets me. Luanne

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