Orange Crush

BroJoe patiently watches the light from several favorite spots along the edge of the Nags Head Woods.  Perhaps he was waiting for the golden orange of the sunset to tiptoe across the darkening waters of the Roanoke Sound.



He must have a whole portfolio of photos of this tree with the roots not just holding the tree up, but balancing it, too.  The light is always shifting, so the photos are all different.

There is another tree that he likes, too.  This one, where the clouds seem to mimic the tree branches.


Wonder what he’s trying to capture?


Ahhh. . . nice catch!


Sunrise . . . Sunset

Two views, one island today.

BroJoe caught the sun setting over the Pamlico sound yesterday evening and the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean today.

Sunrise over Nags Head Pier.

Sunrise over Nags Head Pier.

Set sun, looking over Pamlico Sound toward Manteo.

Set sun, looking over Pamlico Sound toward Manteo.

The Outer Banks are so narrow (3 miles at the widest point) that it’s possible to see both from the same vantage point.  BroJoe likes to get up close, so there is nothing between him and the sun but water.

Oregon Inlet Golden Sunset




The Oregon Inlet was formed in the mid-1800’s after a strong hurricane separated one island into two.  The Oregon, one of the ships that survived the storm was afloat in the Pamlico Sound at the time.  After the storm, the crew headed for shore and told mainlanders of the breach.  It became known as the Oregon Inlet.

The Herbert C. Bonner bridge in the background is now set to be replaced by another bridge running parallel to that one at an estimated cost of just under $200,000,000.   This is one of three bridges scheduled to be constructed in the area to accommodate the 1,000,000 tourists  who visit The Outer Banks annually.   To help pay for construction costs, it has been decided that all three will be toll bridges.

Just joshing you about the tolls.  Come on!

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I never wanted to set the world on fire. So I never had to burn any bridges behind me.
Dinah Shore

Jeff Bridges wants you to take it easy, man.
Stephen Rodrick






Sound Sunset

SoundsideThis body of water, 25 feet at is deepest point,  is more than 50 miles wide.  Ten major rivers and numerous creeks meet the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in these waters, so that it reaches into virtually every part of eastern North Carolina.   Areas along its coast are known as the Inner Banks.  Early colonists called it the Sea of Roanoke.  Although some of its branches and inlets have other names, it is called the Albemarle Sound, named after George Monck, the first Duke of Albemarle.   Farther south, the same body of water is known as the Pamlico Sound.  Were it not for the boundary of the narrow, 200-mile strip of land known as The Outer Banks, the whole thing would simply be . . the Atlantic Ocean.